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Minister Orr Media Release: Carers in the ACT supported through ACT Carers Strategy

July 30, 2020

The ACT Government has been working towards fulfilling the ACT Carers Strategy which outlines actions to help make a more inclusive community and to provide carers with the support they need.

Today, Suzanne Orr MLA, Minister for Community Services and Facilities, tabled the ACT Carers Strategy 2018-2028 Progress Report 2020 in the Legislative Assembly. The report provides an update on the 25 actions under the first three-year Action Plan.

To date, there are 3 actions completed, 21 actions underway and one to be commenced shortly. The Action Plan is being delivered by 12 lead agencies across Government and the community sector, with support from a further 20 agencies.

Minister Orr recognised the hard work and resilience of carers during the COVID-19 public health emergency and reiterated the ACT Government’s commitment to delivering all actions under the Action Plan.

“Carers are often the unsung heroes of our community who work tirelessly to provide continued care to many people.  It is important to acknowledge the entire community benefits from the dedication and commitment of our carers and I want to thank all the carers in the ACT community” said Minister Orr

Minister Orr highlighted Carers ACT for their leadership and extensive work to support and advocate for carers, and progress the actions of the ACT Carers Strategy, throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency.

“I also want to thank Carers ACT for their leadership and continued advocacy for carers during these challenging times. Throughout the COVID-19 emergency, Carers ACT has embraced opportunities to support carers in new ways and progress actions under the ACT Carers Strategy Action Plan.

We will continue, through the Strategy, to support and recognise the efforts of carers in the ACT and respond to their needs, providing opportunities for them to participate fully in all areas of life.”

To further support carers during this time, Carers ACT and the ACT Government have partnered to distribute 5,000 carer recognition packs to raise awareness of the role and contribution of carers. The packs include information about the important role of carers and how we can all support carers in our community. Raising awareness is critical to ensuring carers can access the supports they need.

To view the ACT Carers Strategy Progress report visit this link: