07 September 2021

Bonner residents have their say on upgrade Mabo Boulevard median after years of advocacy by local member to have the median replanted.

Suzanne Orr MLA for Yerrabi released a community survey that asked Bonner residents which type of trees they would like to see planted along the median.

The survey has allowed the community to inform the ACT Government on their long-wanted improvements to the existing median along Mabo Boulevard.

“Many residents have been telling me for years they would like this median improved, so it provides an inviting entrance to the suburb”, Suzanne Orr MLA.

Mabo Boulevard originally contained a water sensitive urban design project which did not function as expected when it was installed.

The median has remained as a nature less median strip, containing rocks and rubbish that has always been an eyesore for Bonner residents.

The survey induced two tree options, including Crepe Myrtles or a mix of Banksia and Melauca trees, with Crepe Myrtles receiving 54% of the votes, vs 46% for the Banksia and Melauca option.

Participants were also asked if they would like to see boulders included in the future where possible, with 75% of respondents indicated this is something they would like to see.

81% of participants mentioned they would like to see gaps in the trees along the Boulevard to act as unofficial pedestrian refuges along the median.

After years of advocacy by Suzanne Orr MLA, the Minister for Transport and City Services has committed to planting trees along the Median of Mabo Boulevard, which will be included in the next round of tree planting.

“It was made quite clear to me that Bonner residents wanted to see Mabo Boulevard improved, so it was vital to allow residents to provide their direct input”, Suzanne Orr MLA.

These choices of trees were available due to both the current soil depth of the median and the trees which were available and appropriately mature for the Spring planting rotation of Transport and City Services.

Transport and City Services will be responsible for maintenance of both the trees and the median, including: pruning of the trees and weeding of the median when required.

There were over 300 people who participated in the survey.

The Minister will make a final decision on the median design and the trees should be planted before November 2021.

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All quotes attributable to Suzanne Orr MLA

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