14 February 2022

The ACT Legislative Assembly has passed a motion, moved by Suzanne Orr MLA, calling on the ACT Government to better support the community sector, by renewing and growing community facilities in the Gungahlin Town Centre and across the Territory and to better establish the Gungahlin Town Centre as an employment hub.

Gungahlin is a fast-growing region with high demand for community facilities and services, yet service providers struggle to find suitable and affordable spaces to meet the demand.

Ms Orr’s motion will help ensure the ACT Government’s current review of the ACT Property Groups community facilities, will go further to assessing the needs of future growth and renewal of community facilities and opportunities.

The motion calls on the ACT Government to support emerging and existing community needs, by providing quality facilities in suitable locations, that will benefit a range of services within the community sector and community groups.

The motion also calls on the ACT Government to collaborate with the community sector on a demonstration project in the Gungahlin Town Centre.

Dedicated community service office spaces are essential within the Gungahlin Town Centre, to allow these services to have suitable and stable spaces to occupy.

This motion is an important step in better supporting Gungahlin with suitable facilities for the community sector to occupy, provide renewal and growth of facilities across Canberra and provide more jobs for the Gungahlin region.

“Improved community facilities and services in Gungahlin are fundamental to supporting the community, providing better support for the region and bringing more employment opportunities to our town centre,” Suzanne Orr MLA.

“Community places and spaces are where we as a community come together, where we support each other, where work together to bring about change and where we enliven so much of our community.” 

“I have been approached by many different community services asking to discuss the issue, as they want to operate within the Gungahlin region, but struggle to find any suitable facilities but I am confident we can change that.”

I would also like to thank ACTCOSS for the advocacy they have done on this matter. 


-Statement ends-

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