02 December 2021

Carers and the contribution they make to our community, now formally recognised under law, after Suzanne Orr MLA’s private members bill, The Carers Recognition Act 2021 officially passed as legislation on the 2nd of December.

The Carers Recognition Act 2021 was introduced to the ACT Legislative Assembly on the 23rd of June, and today was passed unanimously with support from all Members. 

The Act formally recognises, promotes and values the role carers have within our community. The Act puts in place measures requiring entities and organisations to consider and adapt business practices to support the care relationship that exists between carers and the people they care for.

Until now, the ACT has been the only jurisdiction in Australia to not have an Act recognising carers and their contribution to the community.

Ms Orr says this Act is an important step in better recognising the hard work carers do and will continue working to improve the welfare and recognition of carers.

“Carers are some of the most selfless people in our community who work very hard supporting those in need, it’s about time they were better recognised in the ACT”.

“Growing up I saw my parents care for hundreds of foster children, some for a little while and some for a long time. It instilled in me the need to look out for one and other and a deep appreciation for the work our carers do for our community.”

“I am very proud to have my Carers Recognition Act pass as legislation after working closely with carers and carer representative groups to make our Act as inclusive as possible”.

Over 50,000 carers in the ACT who are currently in a care relationship, will benefit from this Act according to Carers ACT.

"Today I stand proudly beside carers in the ACT who are finally being seen and recognised for the significant contribution they make to the community. My thanks to the carers who have advocated for this Act for many years. Recognition of the carer in the caring relationship is fundamental to enhancing the lives of so many in the community and is the smallest way we can say thanks for everything they do". Lisa Kelly, CEO of Carers ACT said.

The Carers Recognition Act 2021 delivers on an ACT Labor Election Commitment to introduce legislation to recognise carers and is part of the Parliamentary Agreement.  

-Statement ends-