Gungahlin Town Centre Survey Snapshot

The purpose of this survey was to gain a better understanding of the intersections that residents have trouble accessing, as well as what makes the intersections challenging. This information will be provided to the Minister for Transport and City Services to inform future traffic improvements in the Town Centre.

Town Centre Intersections

Based on the information received from this survey, the top 5 intersections that respondents identified as being difficult to access are:

  • Labelled 1 - Gozzard Street and Ernest Cavanagh Street near KFC.
  • Labelled 2 - The Valley Avenue and Gozzard Street near the pool.
  • Labelled 3 - Gribble Street and Ernest Cavanagh Street near Bunnings.
  • Labelled 4 - Efkarpidis Street and Gungahlin Place West near Young & Frisky.
  • Labelled 5 - Ernst Cavanagh Street and Hinder Street near the Aldi carpark.

Intersections not identified in the survey but nominated by respondents as intersections of concern included:

  • Labelled 1 - Ginn Street, between the Caltex and Shell petrol stations.
  • Labelled 2 - Warwick Street and Valley Avenue.
  • Labelled 3 - Gungahlin Drive and Valley Avenue.
  • Labelled 4 - Gundaroo Drive and Horse Park Drive.

Gungahlin Region Road Duplications

Respondents would most like to see Gungahlin Drive west of Gundaroo Drive (labelled 3) preference for duplication followed by Gundaroo Drive north of Mirrabei Drive (labelled 5) and then Horse Park Drive between Roden Cutler Drive and Gungahlin Drive (labelled 1).  

If you would like to see more detail, please see the detailed report here.