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Casey Park is getting an upgrade!

Casey residents have expressed excitement about the funding allocation for the Casey Park upgrade (along Yeend Avenue and Plimsoll Drive). Currently the site is a large open space with many mature trees, natural landscaping and the Casey Dog Park. I share resident’s excitement that funding has been allocated in the 2021-22 budget to further develop the site and improve its amenity for the community.

Between 14th October 2021 and 18th January 2022, residents of Casey were given the opportunity to respond to a survey, seeking community input about features they would like considered as part of the park upgrade design. During this time, a total of 561 responses were received from Casey residents.

Thank you to all who participated in the Survey. 

The responses to the survey have been used to develop this community brief to the Minister for Transport and City Services, to help inform the initial design.

You can access the full report here

Community design brief quick overview 

The following recommendations have been made based on the feedback.

  • Recommendation 1 - As part of the park design, play areas, spaces to meet with friends and picnic and BBQ facilities should be given top priority.
  • Recommendation 2 - The park design should have a range of seating options throughout the site.
  • Recommendation 3 - Public toilets would be valued at the site.
  • Recommendation 4 - The park design should incorporate a nature play area including but not limited to a water feature and climbing rocks.
  • Recommendation 5 - Features such as an amphitheatre, dirt bike track and sporting facilities should be considered for inclusion in the park design.
  • Recommendation 6 - The park design should consider inclusion of a basketball court.
  • Recommendation 7 - The park design should include a dedicated open space for the community to use for general recreation.
  • Recommendation 8 - The park design should include a climbing frame/equipment and swings as part of the play features.
  • Recommendation 9 - The park design should have a natural landscape feel, with priority given to the planting of native vegetation and retaining as many of the existing trees as possible.
  • Recommendation 10 -  Any works to the dog park should prioritise the planting of grass and increased shade cover.
  • Recommendation 11 - The ACT Government should collaborate with the community micro forest initiative and it’s organisers to explore all options for including the micro forest in the park design.
  • Recommendation 12 - Options for establishing a friends of the park group should be considered.
  • Recommendation 13 - The park design should include accessible and adequate parking. 

September 2022 Update

Casey Community Recreation Park artist impression

An indicative master plan and landscape drawings have been released for the future community recreation park in Casey following extensive engagement with the local community earlier this year.

The indicative designs reflect the recreation and play priorities of the community and feature:

  • toilet facilities, shade structures, a barbecue and picnic tables to support longer visits to the park
  • all abilities play equipment, a multi-purpose court, nature play and a flying fox to cater to a broad range of ages and abilities
  • a grassed amphitheatre and irrigated green open space for general recreation.

We heard protecting the existing natural environment is important to the community. The indicative designs reflect this by retaining existing trees and understorey plantings and maintaining them as conservation areas into the future. Additional environmental investigations are also underway to ensure other significant ecological communities on the site are adequately protected. Pending these investigations, the placement of play elements may be revised.

You are invited to provide feedback on the indicative designs by emailing your comments to [email protected].

Feedback closes Monday 10 October 2022.

Your feedback will be used to refine and finalise the designs for the new Casey Community Recreation Park.

Indicative design

Indicative future design

The indicative master plan identifies where additional recreation facilities such as a micro forest, community garden and BMX pump track could be located should further funding become available.

Construction on the new park will commence in 2023.

You can access more information about the design here.

I am very excited for construction to start at the Casey Park. A big thank you to everyone who participated in my survey earlier this year and helping get the design to this point.