Media Release


Carers Recognition Act 2021 will formally be introduced on the 23rd of June by Suzanne Orr Member for Yerrabi.

The Act will better recognise, promote and value the role carers have within our community, by putting in place measures requiring entities and organisations to consider and adapt business practices to support the care relationship that exists between carers and the people they care for.

Over 48,000 carers in the ACT who currently are in a care relationship, will benefit from the introduction of this Act.

The introduction comes after consultation and community feedback, by key stakeholders, community organisations and people directly impacted by this Act.  

“The word I heard most in all the conversations I had was “invisible”. Throughout the consultation process, carers consistently told me they felt invisible, never heard, not respected, just nothing.”

Having this period for community consultation ensured that the Act could incorporate the feedback received to help make it as inclusive and supportive to carers as possible.

“Organisations involved in the care relationships will be required to report annually on the steps they have taken to uphold care relationships principles and obligations. ACT Government directorates and contracted non-government entities will be required to include this in their annual report, whereas sub-contracted entities are encouraged, rather than required to do so.”

The ACT is currently the only jurisdiction in Australia to not have an Act formally recognising care relationships and requiring organisations to aid both the person receiving care and the carer.

“Better recognition of carers and their needs will improve support to carers, which will in turn improve the health and wellbeing of carers as a group in our community.”

The Carers Recognition Act 2021 delivers on an ACT Labor Election Commitment to introduce legislation to recognise carers.

This forms part of the Parliamentary Agreement under Appendix 3: ACT Labor Policy Platform for the 10th Assembly item 17.5.

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